Sunday, February 7, 2010

J'Adore Dior... or not so much

Miss B has a better wardrobe than her Momma thanks to huge sacks of hand me downs from the sister of a friend of mine. I don't buy big fashion labels new, but I am pretty easily impressed if I find them second hand, but often dissapointed:

This is a hand me down, and probably at least 5 years old, but I looked it up and similar suits run $59.99-69.99 new.

For clarification, this is a Baby Dior, but it's 100% polyester, which to me is like a fashion oxymoron.

Also, my mom thinks it's super cute, and I do not.

Here's supermodel Baby B modelling her Christian Dior.

And labels for those skeptical as to the authenticity of a polyester Dior:

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